Poutama Titi 

 the pride of Poutama

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If you have never tried roasting Salt Free Freshies, you have never truly eaten Mutton Birds. The pickling process changes Titi, when you eat Salt Free Roasted Freshies, you will understand why Titi are called Mutton Birds. You actually have to add salt to the birds when eating them this way.


Remove your Fresh Titi from the freezer, allowing them to thaw out naturally. 

Place the Titi  in a roasting dish with no oil or fat. Place all your favourite roasting vegetables around the Titi. All vegetables are good, I recommend Kumara.

Place the roasting dish in your oven pre-heated to 200 degrees Celsius.

Every 15 minutes or so give everything a stir around. You will be amazed by how much omega 3 rich fat (Katu) comes out of the Mutton Birds. I like to save the katu to be used the next time I roast Titi. Once the Katu is deep enough in your roasting dish, it becomes a Tahu- this is the traditional process of deep-frying the Mutton Birds in its own fat, yummy!!
It will take around an hour and a half for the Titi and vegetables to be roasted to perfection. If you are not certain as to whether the Titi are cooked or not, try pulling a leg off. If it easily comes off the Mutton Birds are ready.

I like to serve the freshies with the vegetables and a packet gravy. You will need to have your saltshaker handy, as Mutton Birds are not naturally salty. I like to smother the Titi with salt and have the delicious juices run down my chin!! I feel hungry now!!

When eating freshies you will understand why the early Europeans named this delicacy Mutton Birds, they are a totally different product than salted Titi.